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Update (Finally) - April 2013

Well 2012 turned out to be a great year for my reef tank. Once solving the issue of a bad pallet of salt filling/stocking the tank went into high gear. Now 16 months later the tank is stocked with over 110 fish, over 100 pieces of SPS, 19 colonies of LPS and a whole assortment of softies. I also added some new hardware to the tank. I installed a complete Apex system monitoring tank ph, ORP, Temp, water level, pH Kalk, pH Calx Rx and conductivity. The conductivity probe is a pestering annoyance but the entire system provides lots of reassurance, and keeps even my lazy reefing habits a little more attentive. I added a new Webcam, an Axis 214, which is a great camera, although a big investment. I started running bio pellets, not to fix phosphates but as a food source for the corals. I also am experimenting with an Apollo Reef Led. While I am not thrilled with the color (a little too pink) the corals under it seem to be doing real well. My next project is to expand my outdoor system and put several hundred gallons of outdoor frag tanks back online.

Update (Finally) - March 2012

Well, so it's been awhile since this site has been updated. Brief history as to what has transpired in the past 3.5 years since I updated the site last... Well, frustrated at the end of 2008 by not being able to get my tank back up and running I shut the tank down. I turned off the equipment, turned off the lights and left just the primary circulation pump running. The tank sat like this for about a year with just a couple of damsels to keep it from going fallow. At the end of 2009 I was diagnosed with cancer. So preparing for recovery I decided I wanted my tank back up. So I did a massive water change, turned the equipment back on and threw some fish in. For the past two years the tank has maintained fish but I haven't been able to get corals to live. I have some clams that are doing well, but corals just kept dying. So, in November of 2011 I got motivated to solve the issues with the tank. I started by doing a 90% water change. That didn't help. I tested the water - everything was in the normal range, but alk was low. So I kickstarted my calcium reactor. I had an outdoor sump (tomato bin) which had over 400lbs of sand and 300lbs of live rock. At the recommendation of a couple of people I gutted the sump and threw out the sand (8 years old) and 1/2 the live rock. Still no luck with corals (corals were disintegrating within 48 hours of going in the tank). So I put online a 5' fluidized sand filter that I had sitting around collecting dust. This caused a big ammonia spike and I was devestated to lose a pair of flames and a harem of belus angels. But after a couple of weeks with the sand filter corals were still dying. With each change I made I did massive water changes 400-600 gallons. We tested for ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, copper, phosphate, alk and iron - nothing was out lof line. Finally, I tried a different salt. My salt I had been using was from the same pallet. Did an 800g water change with classic Instant Ocean and voila the corals stopped dying.

So in the past month I have added about 30 corals. Corals are doing well. Most of the corals were purchased as brown corals, so its taking some time for them to color up.

In addition I have rebuilt my ozonizer, am updating my UV, purchased an Apex controller and am trying new bulbs. So far I have tried the XM 400 20K but am not thrilled with it.

The Webcam is still up and running. Working on a project with a desk in front of the tank for a month I was really surprised by the number of people logging in all day long to watch the tank... For what was an ugly and dead aquarium.

H0pefully things will continue to go well, and once I learn the Apex more I will integrate that into this site. Also I will start taking photos again once there is something to show off.



Update - July 2008

 July 2008 - After the Rat incident in March 07, I was  pretty devestated and kind of just walked away from the tank and ignored it. I finally started adding SPS in January of 2008. I still haven't gotten super motivated and back into the tank. I have been purchasing only damaged, dying or brown corals - a majority of them aquacultured to turn the tank around. Without doing any testing, the majority of corals have done well in the tank. In the next month I hope to get more involved with the addition of a 4th Lumenarc to the tank, playing with the new POLARIO pumps, and I will be testing the new Lighthouse Controller. I am hoping all the new features in the Lighthouse will intrigue my gadget personality and get me back into the tank. In the meantime the webcam is still on, I am working on a new Low Light webcam so you can see in the tank when the lights are off, and I sold my 240g Fish Only tank in anticipation of some home remodeling projects.


2007 Issues -    On March 18, 2007 I returned from my sisters wedding to find my tank drained to within 4" of the bottom. My immediate response was that the tank had split a seam. However, after an hour of searching, the culprit was a rodent, that had knocked the top off the surge tank, fallen in and gotten stuck in the pipe, allowing the pump for the surge to pump all the water out of the tank. SPS loss was 260 out of 263 SPS colonies that I had grown out from frags or rescue in the past 18 months.

      Due to health issues this past calendar year (2007), I was unable to do anything to rebuild the tank. I just left the tank running. Finally now at the end of August, thanks to the generosity of friends I have begun to add frags back to the tank.

      As many people know I have been banned from Reef Central for 2 years now because I upset a staff member. In my explanation of my situation some people might have gotten the impression that I made insinuations about the morals or ethics of Kevin K aka Anemone on Reef Central. I apologize to Kevin for anything I posted which could have been interpreted in a negative manner against Kevin. Kevin and I were friends before I was banned from RC. Kevin has always been supportive of my frag swaps and support of the reefing community and I was banned because of other Staff / Moderators on RC.    


      My Tank details - Acrylic tank is 96x33x28 with an entirely open top. Lighting is (3) Helios 400w 20K. 1500gph return pump, (4) Tunze 6200, (1) Tunze 6100, and a 33g surge tank 10' up (approx flow rate 18,000gph), Deltec  702 Skimmer. Custom Calc Reactor (hold 30lbs of media), Custom Kalk - Hold 7g. 250g outdoor sump, 5' fluidized sand bed, 450g buried geothermal chiller. As always take a peek at the tank yourself - Use the webcam and see how well things are recovering (www.o2manyfish.com/camera.htm) - Lights are on from 5pm till 2am PST. Dave B


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